A1 F: Amsicora's ladies are the new Italian Champions

It was since 1987 that the ladies of SG Amsicora weren’t able to bring ashore the Scudetto. 28 years may be considered to be a long time for any team, but they become a real eternity when speaking of Amsicora, traditionally the most victorious team of the Italian hockey arena. Repeatedly participating in the playoffs and runners up in this period of time, something had always parted the ladies’ side from the prestigious victory. But this year it was evident from the start that Amsicora meant business. Building up from a 4th, 3rd and 2nd final position in the past three years, the team showed from the start that it had what was needed to go the extra mile and reach out for the cup. At the end of the regular season, their leading position on the table was undisputed, leaving a +9 advantage on the race for the other 3 spots available in the playoffs. Only one team managed to repeatedly block Cagliari’s side, allowing them to ripe 1 point out of 6 available in the 2 games played, Lorenzoni from Bra. Coming 4th, it was the Piedmontese side that secured  their spot as contenders for a place in the final with the Sardinian team. 
It was never going to be an easy game, and indeed it wasn’t, despite the fact that an early first minute goal from Amsicora’s Scenna gave an illusion that a different script was going to be recited, compared to what had been seen during the season. Lorenzoni was having none of that, and fought back finding a 2-1 lead at the end of the first half. Virtually out from the final, Amsicora starts its second half setting camp in their opponents’ 23, winning a series of penalty corner’s form which Ronsisvalli’s 2-2 was found. With coaches already thinking of who to trust for the shoot outs, one last PC was found by Amsicora in the 70’ minute, right before the hooter blew the end to it all. Not letting the tension get in the way, the experienced Vynhoradova finds Scenna’s stick from the slip, ending the drama and starting the celebrations. 
Coming second in the league, all odds were on Ferrini to join Amsicora in the final, and so they did. In the other semi-final in fact, a 1-0 lead for Ferrini remained unchallenged throughout the match, resulting in a final that was only Sardinian business. Despite a 7-1 loss by Ferrini in the last encounter of the two teams in the regular season suggested to fans where to put their money, a final was always going to be a final. The experience built up in recent years by Amsicora ensured that this was in Cagliari’s side mindset from the start, pushing on the accelerator and finding numerous PC’s, from which Della Vittoria’s goal was found. Not long after however, Ferrini found the equalizer with Peretti. Vynhoradova then, showcasing the talent that led her to be awarded as MVP of the season, found the winning goal, giving a 2-1 lead that resulted in an outburst of celebration once the final hooter put an end to the season. Supporters and the team rejoined together for the celebrations of a hardly fought Scudetto, a title that rewards the best team of the season, carefully managed by coach Roberto Carta, who’s national and international experience ensured that no detail was left behind in the road towards victory. 
After the well deserved celebrations, the team was summoned once again in the Amsicora stadium to prepare for their Viennese long week end, where they will be playing in the EuroHockey Champions Challenge I, playing in a European arena three years after the Swiss Champions Challenge II, that they won.
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